Why Professional Installation Makes Sense For Epoxy Garage Floor Options

There are a lot of homeowners in Nebraska that are true do-it-yourselfers for projects around the home. In fact, doing things on your own can provide a low-cost option for home upgrades and renovations, but it is not the ideal answer for everything.

One type of upgrade which should be done by professionals is the application of an epoxy garage floor. While there are do-it-yourself kits at every hardware and home supply store, there is a big difference in the epoxy in the kits, the application process, and the ability to prep the floor. These factors will result in an epoxy floor with limited ability to stand up to vehicle hot tires, fuel and fluid spills, and general wear and tear.

The Floor Prep

To correctly prepare concrete for the application of the epoxy garage floor coating there are several steps involved. First, any significant cracks, dents, chips or damage to the floor has to be repaired.

Then, the concrete has to be sanded to remove surface imperfections and to prepare the surface for the epoxy primer coat. If this is not done correctly, the epoxy will not bond, allowing it to lift later. The excess dust after the power sanding has to be removed as well, then the primer and base coat applied.

The Epoxy

Professionals will use an industrial epoxy custom mixed specifically for your concrete floor. This is a very thick, dense epoxy designed to effectively fill in minor surface imperfections as it is applied, rolled and back rolled by the installers.

Home do-it-yourself kits use a thin, liquid epoxy. It will not provide this self-leveling finish and can be very difficult to work with before it dries, leaving irregular surface areas.

The Finishes

When you want a professional looking epoxy garage floor, hiring professionals to create the natural stone look you want is the only option. These professionals will mix and hand broadcast the chips, creating the look of granite, terrazzo or quartz flooring which will last a lifetime in your Nebraska home.

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