Don’t Buy Into These Window Cleaning Myths

Window cleaning can at times become more complicated than it initially seems. Many people believe all there is to cleaning a window is simply wiping it down with a wet cloth. However, as they delve into it, they may discover a wealth of conflicting information in terms of what kind cloth to use, what cleaning solutions are best for the job and even how often the windows should be cleaned. If this is the case for you, know Nassau County window cleaning doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. All it takes is knowing the myths from the truth.

The most efficient window cleaning method is spot cleaning.”

Spot cleaning is defined as using a cloth and solution to wipe a window clean. While this may seem most effective, the friction created between the window and cloth can generate static cling, in turn drawing in more dirt. Detergent and water is typically the better way to go for Nassau County window cleaning.

All window cleaners are created equal.”

If you are going to invest in specialized cleaning solution for your windows, it is always a good idea to read the labeling first. That way you can learn what types of windows a product is best suited to and which products are ideal for the windows of your commercial or residential property.

Professional window cleaning is too expensive for the average person.”

Some people may tell you cleaning your windows on your own is the cheaper, better option in comparison to hiring a professional for Nassau County window cleaning. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While you may have to pay a bit more on professional help than you would if you bought your own cleaning supplies, you will have to sacrifice valuable time you could have devoted to other efforts. Sometimes convenience truly is the cheapest option.

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