Maybe You Can Learn The Hawaiian Hula Dance

Hawaii is a state that is rich in beauty and culture. Indeed, the tropical beauty makes one forget that they are still in the U.S. There are many things that are unique about the state including its customs. Experts believe people from Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands were the first settlers. They migrated from the South Pacific and brought everything they needed to survive. These early settlers would probably be surprised that their paradise became a mecca for tourism. Recent figures show over six million people visit the state each year and spend over ten-billion dollars.

Every tourist wants to experience the traditional luau. Learn more about this fun event at Indeed, guests love seeing the Hawaiian Hula Dance performed. Interestingly, hula dancers only use six basic moves. These movements are meant to tell a story, especially a story about nature. Examples include the fluid movement of the ocean or trees blowing in the wind. Dancers usually wear skirts made out of palm leaves and leis around parts of the body. There is a lot of dancing at a luau including the Samoan fire-knife dance. Further, dancers may perform the Samoan slap dance. Traditionally, this dance was done so men could display their courage. The dance is performed by men who repeatedly slap their chests, arms and legs.

The highlight of the luau is the food. The custom began when Hawaii was a kingdom. One king held a luau that was so large, only 500 people could eat at a time. And, over 1500 were invited. Over 250 hogs were served along with 450 pots of poi. Poi has a dip-like consistency and is made from the corm of the taro plant. Guests typically sit on the ground around a centerpiece made of pineapples and native flowers. Platters of meat are served along with dried fish, sweet potatoes and poi. Traditionally, food is eaten with the fingers. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, plan on attending a luau. You will get a true sense of the history of the island. And, guests will witness the fabulous Hawaiian Hula Dance. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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