Making a Trip to Urgent Care in Maui While On Vacation

No one plans to run into a problem with sickness or an injury while on vacation. But, unfortunately, it happens. For some, the plane ride over caused a cold or the flu. Still others may have slipped and fallen while exploring all that the island has to offer. Either way, it is important to be prepared when you head to Urgent Care in Maui.

Bring Identification and Insurance Information

In the middle of sickness or injury, people don’t always keep the practical in mind. However, it is important to have some form of identification available along with an insurance card. Most people aren’t sure whether or not the services are going to be covered, but someone can be contacting the insurance company while the patient is seeing the physician. Not having the card may mean paying out of pocket and then being reimbursed if insurance covers the facility.

Make the Doctor Aware of Medications/Conditions

Because you are heading into an Urgent Care in Maui, you aren’t seeing a person that is familiar with your medical history. The doctor has no previous knowledge about you other than what you provide. Because of this, it is important to list all medications you are taking, even things like pain relievers and over-the-counter allergy medication. This information can be used to correctly diagnosis and treat the problem. If you have any medical conditions, make sure you explain them to the doctor. He or she needs to know your health history in order to provide you with the best possible care.

Keep All Paperwork

Even if you don’t think your insurance will cover the cost of the doctor visit, make sure you save all of your paperwork. In some cases, travel insurance will reimburse a person’s medical expenses while away on vacation. Other times, the paperwork needs to be submitted directly to the insurance company from the patient to make sure that none of the services were covered. Also, the next time you head in to see your primary care physician, you want to be able to bring in information about what happened.

If you are already in Maui and experiencing an illness or injury, Visit the website for more information about urgent care services.

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