How Injury Care Clinics Help in Emergencies?

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Healthcare

Did you know that there are immense differences between emergency rooms and urgent care clinics? Not a lot of people do, and yet it is very important because the kinds of treatments and diagnostics at an accident injury clinic can make the difference between adequate care and full PIP coverage or misdiagnosis and lost benefits. Let’s look at what all of that means.

PIP, or personal injury protection, is paid for by any resident of Florida. However, your $10,000 in benefits for any injury may not be available if you fail to be properly diagnosed within 14 days of the issue. If that time passes and you are not evaluated, your new maximum benefit is $2,500, regardless of the severity of the injury. That is why you want to be certain to head to a clinic if you sustain non-life threatening injuries from an accident.

An accident injury clinic, like Injury Care Center in St. Augustine, FL, specializes in non-life threatening injuries; most often the direct result of car accidents, on the job injuries and slip and fall issues. They have all of the same diagnostic methods as the standard emergency room but without the hassles of long waits or the risk of an injury being overlooked. Unfortunately, ERs are becoming less and less adept at catching issues that require actual care, such as whiplash.

Additionally, a good accident injury clinic also offers the types of therapies and treatments ideal for pain control. This is why many say that the clinics are meant to focus on injuries rather than illnesses, though they do have the diagnostic abilities to address many minor symptoms.

Essentially, an accident injury clinic is a good alternative to the emergency room. It is a better resource for a full medical evaluation, and one of the surest ways to get all of the problems identified and a treatment plan formulated. Because the medical team at the clinic is also fully conversant with PIP issues, they can ensure that the proper documentation is done and that any EMCs, or emergency medical conditions, are identified and fully documented.

Even if you did not sustain an EMC, the clinic ensures you don’t have to wait for a long time to get a painful injury treated and provides you with an ongoing care that helps with recovery and pain relief. Whether you were in an auto accident, a fall or a workplace issue, you can find fast treatment at the Injury Care Center.

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