Getting the Most from Your Commercial AC System

Today’s commercial AC systems are designed to last. For example, a heavy duty Copeland compressor should provide years of trouble free service. However, nothing lasts forever but you can make it easier on your cooling system and extend its life by several years, by following these helpful tips.

Eliminate Side or Back Door Airflow

Some businesses have more than one entry for customers or employees. This adds a convenience factor. However, in hot weather it can create a draft when several entries are open at the same time, and you could be essentially cooling your parking lot. Consider locking the back or side doors during the hottest weather. You may notice a difference in the utility bills.

Filter the Sun

Many businesses are installing additional skylights to help supplement their lighting. This can save money. However, during the warm months of summer it can also add a great deal of passive heat to a structure. Consider installing solar filters on your skylights. They are designed to let in light yet still filter out much of the heat. Remember, the less heat you add to a large structure, the easier it is on a Copeland compressor (or any brand) and this translates into longer life and lower energy costs.

To Upgrade or Not

It’s a proven fact, if your cooling unit is more than 10 years old, you will save money in the long run by replacing it. However, commercial cooling systems can be very expensive and it may not be in the operating budget for this year or even next year. Instead of replacement, contact a reputable commercial AC service to have the system cleaned and inspected.

Your AC professionals can show you ways to save money and even if you need a new Trane, York or Copeland AC compressor, you can have a remanufactured unit installed for much less than the price of new. This will provide you with efficient cooling for many more years, and will not place a large dent in your operating expenses.


Many parts of the US have very humid summers which can last for many months. If you live in a warm and humid climate, consider adding a dehumidification system. This can greatly lighten the load on your commercial AC and make it more comfortable for customers or employees.

Evaporative Cooling

Maybe you live near the desert or you have lot of hot and dry weather. A quality evaporative cooling system may be the perfect supplement to your HVAC system and you can save a lot over the price of an AC upgrade.

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