Continuous Blending: An Innovative Solution

When it comes to combining ingredients together to produce a smooth, cohesive product, two basic types of systems exist. These are:

1. Traditional: Performed in a batch in a container, the process typically consists of three sequential steps
2. Continuous: Performed in-line with precise monitoring and control from start to finish
Of these two types, continuous blending is increasingly becoming the most popular. It is a method that is innovative, adaptive and capable of providing the production quality and rates industries require to remain competitive.


Traditional blending requires considerable space in a facility. It demands the implementation of certain practices while not being able to deliver the promise of consistency every time. While continuous online blending is not suitable for all materials/ingredients, it is capable of mixing and blending many different types. It is ideal for blending everything from pharmaceuticals to beverages. This innovative method allows companies to:
Reduce the need for continually installing storage tanks every time you create a new variant of your product’s formula

Automate effortlessly, eliminating loading errors

Reduce labor costs

Increase throughput rates substantially

Precision, accuracy and homogeneity

Improved control over the entire blending production system

Waste reduction through the precise introduction of powder or liquid ingredients and careful monitoring of the entire process results in further savings

Such qualities make using a continuous blending system beneficial to the variety of industries that use them.

Continuous Blending Solutions

The innovations since its introduction in the 1960s continue to improve the capabilities of it to perform. In its various applications, a suitable continuous online blending system provides the means through which a company can improve their products and profitability by reducing waste, space, and labor while enhancing their product line and overall productivity. Talk to your technicians and engineers about the advisability and viability of using a continuous blending system.

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