How Swedish Massage Can Benefit People with Back Pain

For individuals who struggle with back pain, massage can provide many physical benefits. It’s also generally considered to be non-invasive and low-risk for most back issues. In addition to that, some types of massage can also help psychologically by providing increased endorphins and aiding in relaxation. As such, services provided by a massage parlor in Hollywood, CA, can help with both acute and chronic back pain.

How Massage Can Help Various Back Issues

You should always speak with your physician before choosing to pursue massage for back pain. Many healthcare professionals will encourage you to take advantage of this procedure. Some can even point you towards massage parlors in Hollywood, CA, that are known for being trained, experienced, and licensed. There are some of the problems that can be alleviated with massage.

* Lower back muscle strain – In many cases, lower back pain is a result of muscle strain from a fall, lifting something substantial, or making sudden movements. This type of pain can be severe and last hours, days, or even weeks. Torn or strained muscles often lead to inflammation. This can make it hard to move or cause muscle spasms.

* Upper back muscle pain – Irritation is common in the upper back muscles, as is overuse injuries. Sometimes these problems may originate from a sports injury, auto accident, or muscle strain. Massage can help improve range of motion and work out the spasms and irritation present.

* Spinal osteoarthritis – This type of arthritis is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage between aligning joints in the back of the spine. It can cause joint degeneration and inflammation. Massage may help reduce tension and stress while improving circulation.

Types of Massage for Back and Neck Pain

Sufferers of back pain might want to try Swedish massage first. This massage helps with circulation and relaxation, which can help tremendously with muscle plan. The technique itself involves kneading motions and long gliding stroke. Another massage type that is often used for back pain is Shiatsu massage. Someone who suffers from muscle spasms may find that a few sessions a week over a month or two months will alleviate the pain.

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