Ketamine for Pain and Mood Disorder Management

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Health

People who struggle with conditions that cause chronic pain often feel that they have few treatment options. These issues can lead to further struggles with anxiety and depression, making finding a solution that works even more complicated and frustrating. Every year, more and more patients search for alternatives to the typical prescription route to manage these symptoms. Increasingly, many of these people are finding the help they need through an unexpected yet effective means: ketamine treatments.

What is Ketamine?

The unfortunate truth is that many people’s only familiarity with ketamine is as a dangerous street drug. Often stolen from veterinary and healthcare clinics, the drug can be used in an abusive fashion. However, this is true of most drugs that are effective treatments for pain and mental health issues, and shouldn’t deter a patient from learning more about the potential benefits of ketamine. It’s all in how you use it, after all.

So, what exactly is ketamine? Ketamine is an anesthetic and pain reliever that can be used in surgical or medical procedures to induce a deep, consistent sleep. It is frequently used as a tranquilizer in veterinary procedures but can also be used in the treatment of human health conditions.

How Ketamine Benefits Patients with Pain and Mood Disorders

Recent research suggests that when injected in specific dosages under medical supervision, ketamine can be used to improve mood and help patients who haven’t responded well to other treatments for depression and similar conditions. Ketamine is also a useful drug for the treatment of fibromyalgia and other widespread, chronic pain disorders. As a dissociative drug, it allows patients to feel detached from their own body and situation, giving stronger relief and providing help to those whose symptoms are too strong to be dealt with by using traditional methods. This also does increase risk for independent use, however, and patients are typically required to undergo treatment under medical supervision.

If you’re looking for ketamine treatment options near Chicago, contact your local provider of iv solution health management, and ask what treatments might be right for you.

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