Helpful Fire Safety Tips for Your Business

If you ever have a fire start in your business, you may only have about two minutes to get out and get everyone else out. This limited amount of time means that you need to know as soon as possible that there is a problem present. The best way to know that a fire has occurred is by having high quality, property working fire alarm panel or an evacuation alert system. The right fire alarm in Louisville, KY can help save lives.

Some other helpful tips for fire safety in your business can be found here. Being informed is the best way to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Choose a certified installer

When installing a fire alarm in your business, it is imperative that you choose a security provider that is Underwriters Laboratory and NFPA certified for system design, installation, monitoring and compliles with all FM system design and installation requirements. Your fire alarm provider must be Kentucky State certified for fire system design, inspections and testing as a bonus NICET certifed installers are recommended. Choosing a fire alarm provider who will install a proper certified system will prevent many post installation issues.

Test the Alarms Regularly

In addition to choosing a certified fire alarm system provider, you will also need to choose a fire security system provider who will test your system quarterly, semi-annualy, or annualy depending on the type of system. If you fire alarm provider does not test your fire alarm in Louisville, KY you won’t know whether or not your fire panel is working properly and you may fail an audit by the Fire Marshall.

Evacuation System

Lastly, it is always recommended to have an evacuation system at your business to alert all employees a fire alarm has occurred. Choose a fire alarm provider who can integrate your fire alarm panel with an evacuation system.

As you can see, the importance of installing and maintaining a fire alarm in Louisville, KY is extremely important. If you fail to do so, you may be putting your business at risk.

If you need to have a fire alarm installed, visit the Sonitrol website to learn about the options that are available.

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