What Can I Expect When Hiring a Painting Contractor

When painting your home, it pays to hire a professional. What do painting contractors do, though? How is there service better than what the average homeowner can do on their own? Here’s what a contractor can bring to the table for you:

Professional Prep Work

Even when you hire a professional contractor, much of the preparation work will be up to you. After all, you know what needs moved where, and how much your walls and surfaces need cleaned before the painter arrives. However, your painter will prepare surfaces by laying down drop cloths, taping off corners and edges and applying necessary primer. They may also perform minor repairs, but this may incur additional cost.

Outstanding Paint Jobs

Those who paint for a living understand all of the finer points of making a paint job perfect. This includes not only preparing for the task, but also using quality materials and techniques while working. Some things you can expect for your painting professional include:

*     Applying two coats of appropriate color paint to all surfaces agreed upon.
    Applying two coats of paint to ceilings, if part of the agreement.
*     Careful, professional-grade painting of trim, molding, baseboards and more.
*     Touch-ups for any missed or under-painted spots.
    Cleanup of any accidents. (Even the best of painters has drips from time to time.)

After the job is finished, the painter and homeowner will perform a walk-through. This allows you to evaluate the painter’s work and ask for any additional services you feel are needed. After this is completed, you’re ready to get back to your daily routine in your beautifully-painted new home.

How to Hire a Pro

To hire a local painting company, check listings in your area, or use a service like Angie’s List. Looking for painting contractors in the Spring, TX area? Contact Houston Texas Painters for excellent service and professional results.

Don’t leave the finished look of your home to chance. Hire a local professional, and enjoy your new paint job for years to come!

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