Home Window Replacement Pointers You Should Know

Good windows won’t land at your feet in batches. If you’re shopping for a home window replacement in Napa, check out this list.

Check the features

Don’t just go for the same old windows. There are plenty of windows of varying styles, designs, and features. You’ll want to explore each one. If you’re tossing out old windows for new ones and it’s been a long time since you shopped around for a home window replacement in Napa, then start by considering the features of the window. For instance, does it tilt in, making maintenance easier? Does it eliminate the need for storm windows?

Look for energy-efficient options

Energy-efficient windows can reduce your energy consumption bills, the DIY Network says. If you’ve had those windows up for about 25 years or more, then shopping for replacements is already long overdue. Your windows are probably broken, damaged or warped in many parts, so it’s best that you replace all windows at the same time.

Ask about safety codes

If you’re using tempered glass in a window that’s near a door or by a shower or bath, you’ll want to follow safety codes. Tempered glass can shatter and is a possible safety risk so keep the safety codes in mind.

Make sure it fits

The best windows won’t do if they’re not an exact fit for the windows. First, make sure everything is insulated. The trim work must also fit into the frame. If you want to check for drafts and air leaks, hold up a lighted candle to the window. If it flickers, then you have leaks.

Hire pros

Once you’ve found the right windows, get pros to install them for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes that could deal damage to your new windows before they’re even put in place.

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