Issues To Consider When Installing A Generator

Any home can benefit from the installation and commissioning of a generator, especially in areas of the country where foul weather is a fact of life. Professional generator installation will ensure that your home has power even though it is not coming from the grid. A power failure of an hour or two is an inconvenience; a power failure for a day or two is a major problem. Along with deciding the specifications of the generator best suited for your home and who to buy it from, you also need to take into account the installation. There are a number of things to consider, including:

The correct size:

The correct size of a generator does not refer to the physical dimensions, it refers to how much power you want it to generate. Only you can decide what appliances are important to ensure that you can still live comfortably when the power is interrupted. An important part of getting the correct unit is for the supplier to perform a power audit and then decide what electric consumers in your house is a necessity.


Your generator needs to be located in a spot where there is plenty of space around the unit which will ensure proper ventilation. Not only is ventilation important, your service technician will need complete access to the unit during routine maintenance calls and repairs.

Noise factor:

The best generators are very quiet but even at that there may be a noise while the unit is running. Place the generator where the little noise it produces will not be intrusive to you as well as your immediate neighbors.

These are only three considerations for generator installation. It is not a task well suited for the homeowner; proper installation requires a considerable amount of knowledge of electricity as well as plumbing for the natural gas fuel supply. To ensure safe and worry free generator installation have the work done by knowledgeable professionals. You are invited to discuss your generator requirements with Penco Electric, Inc.

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