Physical Therapy in Topeka, KS Is Used in Combination with Regenerative Therapies

Innovations in medicine today make it possible to combine several musculoskeletal therapies in order to help people manage pain. Therefore, you can treat foot pain, back pain, or sciatica without the need to resort to invasive surgery. Unique treatment approaches combine pain-relieving methods that fall under such disciplines as chiropractic care, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, physical therapy, and osteopathic and traditional medicine.

Regenerative Medicine

Today, regenerative medicine (PRP) is frequently combined with physical therapy in Topeka, KS to ensure pain relief and improved physical functioning. PRP itself is an exciting new medical treatment that utilizes your body’s blood platelets to assist in alleviating pain or facilitate healing.

Places such as the Center for Manual Medicine offer a combination of innovative treatment approaches so that patients can avoid invasive procedures. As one of the latest therapies, regenerative medicine delivers specific kinds of cells to diseased organs or tissues. This is done to restore organ and tissue functioning. This type of process can be accomplished through the use of cell products or by employing cell-based treatments.

Using the aforementioned protocol in conjunction with physical therapy enables patients to relieve physical discomfort that is experienced in such areas as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, or foot.

An Enhanced Level of Care

Needless to say, patients who have physical therapy, regenerative treatments, chiropractic services, or traditional treatments at their disposal can realize an enhanced level of care that makes it possible for them to work with health care practitioners to customize medical treatments.

If you are suffering from pain that impacts your ability to perform tasks or hinders your enjoyment of life, then you need to further review and consult with pain relief specialists who make full use of both conventional and cutting-edge practices. By taking advantage of today’s newest technologies and having access to traditional medical approaches, patients suffering from pain can take the needed strides to live a life that is more healthful and pain-free.

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