Independent Living In North Jersey, NJ Is Emphasized For Seniors

Most seniors like the idea of living at home as long as possible, to retain independence. However, some of the activities of daily living, such as driving, bathing, dressing, or grocery shopping can become difficult. That is why in-home care offers a viable solution to these issues.

In-Home Care is Increasingly Needed for Seniors

In fact, independent living in North Jersey, NJ is recommended for seniors who need assistance with household tasks, medical care, or companionship. With baby boomers beginning to retire, the demand for in-home care services is escalating, which means more competition, lower prices, and better service offerings.

However, not all independent living situations are the same. Different services address a number of needs. For instance, seniors who show signs of dementia but are otherwise physically healthy may need help with paying bills, grocery shopping, or keeping appointments. They may not need medical help yet.

Licensed Medical Professionals

Independent living for seniors in some cases involves the use of licensed medical professionals. These professionals may include physical and occupational therapists, home health aides, and home-health nurses. Sometimes a physician is also called to a patient’s home to check on their health.

Non-medical Assistance

Non-medical independent living professionals include homemakers, companions, personal care attendants, and home health aides. Home health aides provide personal help with activities of daily living, also referred to as ADLs. They may also assist with a patient’s shopping, cooking, or laundry.

Instrumental ADLs

Homemakers or companions supply services in the form of transportation, housekeeping, and companionship. These kinds of activities are referred to as instrumental ADLs. People who have Alzheimer’s often will request the services of a companion in order to assist them.

Who Asks for In-Home Care?

Most of the people who request home care have mobility issues, while other clients experience muscle weakness or fatigue. Some patients suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease while others are dealing with the aftermaths of a stroke. Visit website to know about independent living service for seniors. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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