Frequently Asked Questions About Foot Issues And Foot Doctors In Racine WI

There are various medical conditions that can cause individuals to have foot issues or pain. Problems with the feet can also cause individuals to experience discomfort when they walk. To keep these problems from getting worse, individuals should visit qualified foot doctors in Racine WI. Individuals should read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about common foot problems and treatments.

What are some of the most common problems that individuals have concerning their feet?

Foot conditions that are common include bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot. It’s also common for individuals to have accidents or injuries that cause foot issues and pain. Foot doctors also treat ankle problems, such as sprains and fractures. Plantar fasciitis arch pain is another foot condition that impacts many individuals and causes excessive heel pain. Individuals who are diagnosed with hallux limitus have problems with their big toe because it feels stiff and it may eventually lead to a deformity in the toe.

Are there any types of foot issues that don’t respond to treatment?

When individuals are diagnosed with neuroma, the nerves in their feet become swollen and this can lead to permanent damage and constant pain. Even with the severity of this condition, a foot specialist can offer various treatment options, such as injections, orthotic devices and even surgery when necessary. Foot doctors can diagnose and offer a treatment plan for any type of foot issue that causes pain or difficulties while walking.

What can individuals expect when they visit a specialist for an issue with their foot?

On the first visit, individuals will have a consultation with the foot doctor. After speaking with the individual about their specific foot problems, the doctor will thoroughly examine the feet. The doctor may also recommend taking x-rays of the foot to assist with the diagnosis. When the specialist has diagnosed the problem and conferred with the individual, the doctor will recommend a specific treatment. By following the recommendations of foot doctors in Racine WI, many individuals can be successfully treated without needing a surgical procedure.

Individuals who have foot problems or pain should visit Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers for a consultation. Schedule an appointment with an experienced foot specialist to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

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