What Distinguishes the Best Solar Installers in NJ?

Of the three important decisions you have to make towards purchasing a solar system – looking for equipment, financing and an installer – the choice of your installer may be the toughest. You need a team that will be on your roof to build a customized power plant for your home.
The firm’s workmanship and services will have an impact on the overall performance, energy production and safety of your solar system for decades. Considering the number of installers in the market, you need a team that will distinguish itself by offering the following.

Workmanship Warranties

One way to differentiate solar companies in NJ for installation is through the workmanship warranties they offer you. This is different from manufacturing warranties on equipment – inverters and panels – and specific to labor, design and construction of the solar system. Workmanship warranties typically run from one to ten years with a longer warranty for greater assurance that the installer stands behind the system’s construction and design for a significant part of the system’s lifetime. Such confidence requires your installer to be in business for the life of the warranty. So the installer’s long-term business commitment and viability to the solar installation industry should support his or her ongoing services.

A Trusted Energy System Design Adviser

The best solar installers work with you to create a solution the meets your requirements. They focus on values, preferences and listening to your goals. Such installers understand the worth of your investment in the system is and will work hard to make sure it fits within the energy system of your home.

Plus, super installers are advisers and guides who not only bring their technical expertise to your project, but are acutely aware and genuinely interested in your success. They are:
  Clear-minded and knowledgeable without being rigid
*   Attentive and responsive
*   Committed to following through from the very first moment you discuss your project with them

Such an installer is one you want on your side with the competence you expect.

Selective Sub-Contracting and Effective Oversight

Sometimes, solar installers have to rely on sub-contractors to carry out specific tasks in the course of the installation. The best installers are honest about how and why they require the help of sub-contractors.
Your solar installer should tell you about his or her sub-contracting principles and why they prefer to work with specific sub-contractors. However, be wary of a solar company that sub-contracts your entire project or presents a contract under the name of another company.

Solar installation companies vary by size, experience, product offerings, service delivery and reputation. Paying attention to the points above will ensure that you are working with an installer that is fit for the task.

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