How to Remove Fat Without Surgery in Chicago

Most men and women would love to remove unwanted fat from their bodies without resorting to surgery in Chicago. Most people have heard of liposuction and realize that it is a surgical procedure. While most people still consider this option, non-surgical procedures are available that use ultrasound or cold energy for easier fat removal. This type of reduction is also known as CoolSculpting or Body Contouring

What It Is

Nonsurgical reduction is a procedure that ultimately injures the fatty tissue within the body using special equipment. Cryolipolysis and ultrasounds can be used to reduce the fatty tissues, resulting in a consistent and efficient procedure. Both of these noninvasive options are considered outpatient treatments and can enhance your body’s contours.

When To Consider

While this option is not a weight loss remedy and shouldn’t be used to lose weight, it can help if you have fatty pockets on the body that are resistant to exercise and diet. Many women and men have worked out for years but still hold some flab on the stomach or thighs.

It can also be an excellent option if you want to have a slimmer appearance without going through a surgical procedure and if you have small fatty deposits on the flanks, back, abdomen or thighs. This procedure isn’t a good option for those who have large areas of fatty tissue.


The biggest advantage is that a noninvasive procedure like this will work and is very effective in reducing fatty areas of the body. There are no incisions required with the procedure, meaning you won’t have any scars, and it won’t have as many risks as associated with surgery.

Another benefit is that you will feel minimal discomfort and rarely any pain. You will also be able to get back to your daily activities without any downtime, for most patients.


One of the drawbacks to the CoolSculpting procedure is that it can take multiple sessions to produce your desired results. While this may not be a problem for some, the expense could raise some problems, so it is important to find out approximately how many treatments you’ll need and if you can afford them.

Another drawback is that numbness or redness can occur near the site, but this is only temporary. One serious drawback when using an ultrasound device is that small burns can occur.
If you want to remove fat without surgery in Chicago, you will likely consider CoolSculpting or other noninvasive procedures. The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers CoolSculpting procedures, so visit them today.

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