What Are Central Furnaces?

Other than for in the Deep South and desert southwest every home and business in the country has need for heating. The most common method of heating, especially single family homes is through central furnaces in Chicago. Central furnaces are used to heat either air or water using natural gas, LPG, oil or electricity. The heat which is generated in a central chamber is then distributed throughout the building via a series of metal ducts using a forced air blower or through a series of small bore pipes and radiators in the case of water.

Central furnaces in Chicago differ considerably from local heating. In a central heating system the heat is generated in a single central location and the heat is distributed throughout the building. This is considered to be an ideal situation as the fuel source only has to be one central location. As well as this convenience factor, fireplaces or wood burning stoves have a tendency to draw cold air from the outside into the room; this makes the perimeter rooms colder. A central heating system eliminates these problems as it does not rely on cold outside air.

Central heating systems are not new by any stretch of the imagination; they date back hundreds if not thousands of years. Over the many years that furnaces have been used they have been simplified and somewhat standardized. Furnaces in Chicago must have a few basic elements for it to function and these elements must be organized in such a way that the furnaces efficiency is maximized. In a modern central heating furnace the heat happens in the middle of the unit and air ducts are located at the top and bottom.

The air supply duct is located at the top of the unit; from here air is forced into the ventilation system. In dry climates a humidifier will often be integral with part of the ducting. The combustion chamber which is located in the core of the furnace has two pipes connected; one draws in air for the proper combustion of the fuel while the other takes the exhaust and vents it into the atmosphere. This vent is through the chimney on the roof or a chimney running along the outside wall.

The return air duct attaches to the furnace at the bottom. Air is drawn from the rooms of the house through the system of cold air ducts, this is the air which is often filtered and then enters the combustion chamber to be heated and distributed once again through the hot air duct system.

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