Tips For Visiting The Dentist In Lincoln Square When You Have A Dental Phobia

If you have a dental phobia (fear of visiting the dentist), you are not alone. Many people in Lincoln Square stay away from dentists until they have significant problems that need immediate attention. While it can be scary or worrisome, there are some tips to help make your experience a little less frightening and get you back to taking proper care of your teeth.


It is important to understand that your fear is normal and typical. Whether you had a terrible dental experience as a child or are just unsure of the unknown, you have the right to be scared. The solution is not to let your fear stop you from getting dental work that is necessary to be healthy and happy.

Good Office

Finding the right dental professionals is also an important part of getting over your fear of dentists. Tell them up front that you have a phobia so they can work extra hard to make you comfortable for your visit. This may mean a lot of things, but as long as the professional is willing to work with you, it will be fine.

Make Friends

Schedule a meeting with the dental professionals that will be working with you and use that time to make friends with them. Ask them about their family, their pets, your hobbies, their hobbies or anything else you want. Try to find some common ground, such as a particular hobby you both enjoy doing so you feel more comfortable and starting seeing them as a person and not a medical professional.

Small Steps

Even something as simple as a tooth cleaning can be problematic, especially if it has been years since your last one. You may feel better scheduling the upper half of your cleaning for one day and the lower half for another. Having a few experiences without any stress may help you relax for any more serious visits you may need later.

Reward Yourself

Make a plan to have a special treat after your visit. This can be anything you want, but try to make it something you rarely do. You will start to associate dental visits with something fun that you don’t often do, making you want to go back. Consider going to a concert, buying a new dress, going to that restaurant that’s far away, or anything else that will make you happy.


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