Advantages Of Using A Portable Trade Show Display

If you have decided to start working tradeshows to help promote your brand and products, you’re not alone. However, it is important to consider the displays available before making a decision. Because you are going to a trade show and will be taking the stand with you, you want a portable display, which is easier to put up and take down. However, other advantages can include saving money, convenience, attention, customization and versatility.


Tradeshow displays are extremely versatile and can be used for many different shows and expos. However, you can also think outside the box and use them at recruitment fairs, sales meetings, seminars, conferences, press conferences, product launches and many other events. Reusing the displays can help you maximize the investment and get more from the booth so you can save money and make it a multi-function item.


Customization of displays allows you to be different and branch off from other similar companies. Multiple companies will be at the expo, and many will be in your particular niche. Therefore, it’s important to implement all the various customizing options your booth company provides, such as workstations, hanging signs, special lighting and much more. Just because it’s a portable trade show display doesn’t mean it can’t wow the crowd.

Attention Grabbing

You are at the tradeshow to grab the attention of every potential client or customer. You may want to consider visiting a few expos as a guest just to see all the different varieties of booths that are out there. Then, you can create one that will seek the attention you want for your brand or business. Options can include sleek and modern styles, traditional looks, fabric choices, banners, signs, throws and offering swag.


Whether you are operating the booth alone or have a team of employees with you, you’ll enjoy the convenience of setting up and tearing down the displays because they are built to be comfortable to use. In most cases, the displays are created with a single person in mind, allowing you to tear it down in minutes.

Save Money

Because you can tear it down yourself without hiring anyone, you can save money on labor. However, movable displays also cost less to manufacture, which means you will save money on the purchase of the booth.

A portable trade show display doesn’t have to be drab and boring. You can customize any of your displays with Exhibit Wholesale and can also find intriguing accessories so that you’re the most impressive one there.

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