How To Fill Your Traverse City Vacation

If you vacation in Traverse City in the winter, the odds are that you will go there as a base for nearby downhill snow skiing. In other seasons, you may be there for hunting, fishing or mountain forest trekking. Or, maybe you are in the area for the freshwater beach and water sports activities associated with the Great Lakes? And, of course, we should not forget that Traverse City is the so called cherry capital of the world and its annual July Cherry Festival attracts some half a million visitors each year. One way or another, there is plenty for everyone choosing to vacation in Traverse City. However, when they are not taking part in any of the above activities, what can tourists expect when partaking in Traverse City Tours?

Don’t Just Tour Around The City

Traverse City is a nice town but it is neither all that large nor filled with buildings and places of great tourist interest. However, that should not deter vacationers from taking some of the many Traverse City Tours. The reason for this is that these tours actually take you outside of the city and into the surrounding countryside.

Traverse City Tours take in wineries, distilleries, breweries and even cider making – all of which can be interesting in their own right. But, when you are a passenger in a comfortable vehicle driven by an expert driver and accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, there are two big advantages to be gained from taking Traverse City Tours.

The first is that, if you are not having to concentrate on the road and your driving, then, you are free to really see the beauty of the countryside that you are being driven through. Then, when you reach the winery (or other places producing alcoholic beverages) you can linger and savor the products available in the tasting rooms without being concerned about any impairment to your driving abilities. You simply let the tour operators be your designated drivers.

And There Is More

Wine, beer, cider and liquor tasting at the point of origin can be somewhat academic and removed from a good time in a bar or restaurant in the company of friends or like minded individuals. Most of the Traverse City Tours will also take you to at least one hostelry with unique local features where, because you are not driving, you can imbibe as little or as much as you wish. To me, this sounds a great way to round off your vacation.

The most interesting Traverse City Tours will take you outside of the city and through scenic countryside to visit some of the best wineries, breweries and similar places in our land. If this appeals to you, Traverse City WINE AND BEER TOURS are the people you should contact. Full details can be found by browsing their website.

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