How to Throw a Memorable Bowling Birthday Party in 3 Easy Steps

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a fancy restaurant dinner for 20 people or more to have a good time and celebrate someone in style. Bowling parties are extremely popular these days among both kids and adults. After all, what’s not to love about balls and pins turned into decorative items, versatile bowling-inspired accessories and mouthwatering treats that remind you how cool the game really is? The best thing is that you can organize a more than decent bowling birthday party in your own home, on time and on a budget. Wondering how you could satisfy the needs and demands of all your guests? Here are a few tips that will take your party planning efforts to a whole new level.

Bake or Order Bowling Goodies. Let’s face it: we all love golden crispy cookies. But colorful, freshly baked bowling cookies are something else. Decorated with the tastiest frosting you have ever sampled, these heavenly treats will fly off your plates and give your guests something to talk about in between games. A pin and/or ball cookie may be difficult to make, especially if you aren’t a very skilled baker or don’t have the necessary tools and ingredients. Nonetheless, you could always buy these edible artworks for less than 5 dollars each.

Buy Bowling Accessories for All Your Guests. Want to create your own team and separate your guests from your competitors? In this case, buy customizable bowling T-shirts, lapel pins, ties or socks and kindly ask your guests to wear them. You could even go the extra mile to personalize these basic accessories by adding a cute, funny message and the warmest birthday wishes for your friend or relative.

Dust Off Your Old Bowling Games and Keep the Party Going. Are you one of the many grownups who think that PCs, smartphones, tablets and basically any other kind of Internet-enabled gadget ruin all the fun and change the way in which we bond and talk to each other? If so, you should know that bowling games that you could use just about anywhere are still in great demand.

Some of these games are suitable just for kids; others are complex and versatile enough to stimulate the interest of adults who are looking for old-school entertainment options. For instance, the classy Executive Bowling Game that costs less than 60 dollars is an excellent choice for adults who love to bring the game in their own living room or office space. The set includes stylish metallic pins, a ball and a felt lane. You just set the pines up and then knock them down over and over again. Once you get tired, you can have a break, eat a bowling cookie and start fresh with even more enthusiasm.

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