How the Children for Adoption in Oklahoma Process Works

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Adoption

You want children, but cannot have them yourself due to medical problems. So, as a result you have decided on adoption. The only problem is that you do not know the process. Here we will discuss the process of adopting a child. Let us start finding Children for Adoption in Oklahoma.

The first part of the process you have already finished by deciding to adopt. So, let us move on to the next step which is applying to adopt. In this step you need to take some pre-service training. This is so that if you don’t adopt a baby, you are prepared to handle a child who has gone through many losses. Then you will fill out an application for the agency to go over.


Now, that you have completed the application, you must have a Children for Adoption in Oklahoma caseworker come to your home to interview you and check out your home. This way they can see how you are at home and if your home has adequate space for a child. After this you will have had a background check completed and get your approval.

Now it is time to match you up with a child that will fit best with your family. As caseworkers see your profile, they will contact your caseworker with information on the child and pictures. You will go over the information with your caseworker to decide on which child. Based off of this information, you, your caseworker, and the child’s caseworker will decide if the placement with you is best.

If the placement is best for you and the child, then pre-placement visits will be scheduled. This is where you and the child get to meet, you will also get to talk to their caseworker and foster parents. After this, if it is still the best placement, then the child will come and live with you.

After six months to a year of the child living with you, you can finally make it legal. This is to make sure that this is the best placement for the child. Your Children for Adoption in Oklahoma caseworker has visited you many times throughout this time period and will be able to tell the judge if they feel it is working out well for you and the child. Once the judge has finalized the adoption, the child is legally yours.

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