Placing A Child For Adoption In Tulsa

Oklahoma parents have options when they are unable to provide for their children. When they are facing uncertainty and need a clear option, they can discuss the possibility of finding prospective adoptive parents for their child. Through adoption in the Tulsa area, these parents could match their children up with prospective parents who desperately want a child of their own.

Surrendering Custody of the Child

Parents who are interestin possbly placing their child for adoption contact a local adoption agency. These agencies provide them with opportunities to find new parents for their child. The agency provides them with guidance for terminating their rights to the child, as well as the search for new parents.

Interviewing Potential Parents

The biological parents have the right to meet any prospective parents who have applied for adoption. The biological parents have the right to ask these applicants any questions they have. They always have the right to meet more than one couple.

What Happens During a Home Study?

A home study is conducted by a licensed social worker trained in conducting home studies. A home study involves a comprehensive evaluation of the prospective adoptive parents including but not limited to; background family, education,profession, marriage, parenting philosphy, religious beliefs, life. They will also conduct a proper inspection of their home. The perspective adoptive parents must have a inspection of their home. The perspective adoptive must have an approved home study to continue the adoption process.

The Final Word

The biological parents have the final word in the adoption process. They have the right to evaluate all information about the prospective parents and maintain the right to request additional meetings if they prefer.

Oklahoma parents who find themselves wanting more information regarding adoption in Tulsa can contact a local agency today.

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