Answers to Common Questions about Oklahoma Adoption

Adoption allows birth mothers to give their children for adoption to couples and families that want to give the children a home to live in. As a birth mother who is considering giving a baby for adoption, you may have questions about the adoption process. Here, we will answer some of the questions that you may have concerning Oklahoma Adoption services.

Q: Are there couples on the waiting list waiting for a baby to adopt it and how long will the adoption process take?

A: No couples in a waiting list. Instead, as a birth mother you will chose the parents of your baby. Couples or families that wish to adopt a baby fill out a form that shows their profile. As a birth mother, you will view the profile and choose the couple or family that you want to be the parents or to adopt your child. There are counselors at the adoption center and their role is to help birth mothers and couples who want to adopt a child in all the steps of the adoption process. After filling the profile form, couples wait for birth mothers to choose them to be the parents of their babies.

Q: Does a birth mother have contact with the new parents of the baby during and after Oklahoma Adoption process?

A: The choice is up to you as the birth mother and the family that adopts the baby. If the birth mother and the family opt for an open adoption, then the birth mother and the family will maintain contact. If you choose a semi-open adoption, then you will be having contact with the family via an adoption agency. If as a birth mother you choose to have a closed adoption, then you will not have contact with the family or couple. Even your personal information as the birth mother will not be revealed or disclosed to the couple or family.

Q: How soon after giving birth to a baby can I give them for adoption?

A: You as the birth mother and the family that is adopting the baby will decide that. In most cases, the baby is adopted soon after being released from a hospital. However, there are cases when the birth mother needs time to make a decision on whether to really give the baby for adoption.

Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care is a company that is privately run and it helps couples adopt babies to become parents. It also helps birth mothers give their babies living families. The agency works with the state agencies to ensure that children are placed in loving homes. For more information on foster care and adoption, you can visit us.

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