Parking Lot Lighting is Critical to the Safety of Your Customers

Providing lights for your parking lot is a protective feature for night-time shoppers, hospitals and clinics, and churches. Lights make people safer by providing a deterrent to criminal activity and enabling a customer to find their car and get easy access to it. Many people would be reluctant to visit a place with a large unlighted parking light.

The best way to plan Parking Lot Lighting is to consult with an electrical company that has diversified lighting installation experience and knowledge of lighting a parking lot. Many areas prefer the dark sky friendly lighting and a skilled lighting designer can help with this kind of lighting design.

Many types of lights are available, but solar powered might be the best for an established parking lot. This light would prevent having to cut into paving. Installing lighting in a parking lot which is being built provides more options for lights.

Lights can be mounted on to poles from 10 feet to 39 feet high. Poles can be either a single light pole, double light, 3 light or 4 lights. Poles are made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete and wood. Select a pole and light fixtures that can withstand the highest winds in your area.

There are a variety of lights to choose from:
1. High Pressure Sodium
2. Metal Halide
3. Mercury Vapor
4. Compact Fluorescent
5. LED
6. Area lights
7. Flood lights

There are features to some of these choices which are important to highlight. The LED lights are energy efficient and these are good for 50,000 lamp hours. They can replace a standard 10 to 70 watts lights with lights that have a rating of 35 to 400 watts.

You can choose from many light fixtures which are weather resistant and have a modern appearance. The design of the fixture determines the light that can be mounted in it, however, a modern designer-looking fixture adds to the appeal of the business. It is far better than the old style street lamp lights. There is an opportunity to save on your energy costs with LED lights which is an energy conservation benefit as well as a cost savings. For more information check


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