Hiring an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Many people are clueless about how employers decide what injuries are covered under workers’ compensation. In fact, a variety of injuries and conditions are covered under the law, for instance, many states recognize stress-related illnesses as compensable; anxiety and heart problems have been linked to stressful work environments. Every state mandates that employers accommodate stress-related disability, which can be accomplished by allowing the employee to work less hours. Believe it or not, repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are the most common workplace injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome tops the list of illnesses in this category, and these types of problems can result in wrist, forearm and hand injuries.

Office workers and others who use computers are susceptible to RSIs; also, many cashiers and factory workers could be injured this way. It is always best to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, like those at Lawrz.com, who can file a claim with your employer. Go on the website and find out how to schedule an appointment. RSIs do not always mean surgery, the doctor may also recommend time off from work or more breaks.

Frequently, occupational illnesses become workers’ compensation claims. Occupational illnesses are those where an employee has a greater likelihood of getting because of the job; for instance, an employee may develop asthma after working for a mold re-mediation company. Likewise, many individuals who worked in certain industries filed asbestos and mesothelioma claims. Indeed, coal miners are more likely, than the average person, to develop lung problems. A workers’ compensation attorney also represents families of people who die as a result of a work injury. There are six million job injuries in the U.S. each year, many of which result in deaths.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are not based on fault. Of course, many workers are injured due to their own carelessness; however, claims are not covered if injuries are caused by intentional acts. Examples of these type of claims involve fighting and intoxication. Likewise, most states reject claims when the employer is injured after using recreational drugs. If the employer rejects your claim, schedule an appointment with an attorney, because the employer does not always have the final say on what is covered.

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