Injuries At Work Should Be Covered by Workers Compensation

Due to unfortunate circumstances, injuries at work can and do occur. When an injury occurs at work, it should be covered by the employers Workers Compensation insurance policy. This policy covers workers for all of the medical bills and lost wages that the injured worker is currently unable to provide for themselves. If a claim needs to be filed, it is recommended that the injured party contact an attorney to properly complete the paperwork. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to file a claim for medical bills or lost wages. Employers are required by law to cover their employees in very specific situations.

If an injury occurs, an employee has 120 days to inform their employer. After that occurs, the employer should forward the claim to the Workers Compensation insurance company. The insurance company’s goal is to deny many employees their claim because of the money payout that could be involved. This is when it’s very important to contact an attorney who has the experience in filing a claim for benefits. The process will be dramatically slowed down when the wrong paperwork or incomplete paperwork is submitted for a claim. If an individual is currently being paid by a workers compensation policy, they may be ready to go back to work. In this case, speaking with an attorney about receiving a lump sum payment would be advisable.

Insurance companies can also modify or terminate payments to an injured worker. In some cases, the insurance company will suspend payments until the employee complies with their demands for various appointments or submission of paperwork to the insurance company. A denied claim does not mean that the injured worker has no more recourse to be paid for their wages nor have their medical bills paid. There are very short deadline times for filing an appeal after receiving a petition from the insurance company.

An immediate call should be placed to an attorney. A great place to locate an attorney can be found at Strong legal advice from an attorney is important at this step of the process. There’s no need to lose your workers compensation or not be compensated adequately with the advice of a reputable attorney.

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