Bad Faith Claims and Workplace Injury Lawyers in Saint Paul

The insurance company is requesting more documentation. The employer has said countless times that they are awaiting further details. The reports are delayed and medical expenses are coming out of pocket. The workers’ compensation arena is rife with these common obstacles. Navigating it requires a lot of patience and, more times than not, intervention from workplace injury lawyers in Saint Paul.

Bad Faith Tort Claims

An insurance company has a duty of good faith to take care of the clients that pay their insurance. That could be direct (such as their personal policy) or indirect (through an employment workers’ compensation plan). Though the bad faith tort was once exclusive to liability cases, it has grown to reach many disciplines of law. A bad faith tort claim may be feasible when an insurance company has treated their policyholders unfairly and they are not acting within their duty to provide just cause for delays. Experienced workplace injury lawyers in Saint Paul can often take a few committed steps to realize if the insurance company is complying to faithful laws and standards, or if they are unfairly treating paying clients by not acting.

No Remedy for Their Situation

One of the greatest aspects contributing to a bad faith claim or lawsuit is that the insured has no other choice. They absolutely have to work within the scope of the workers’ compensation plan selected for them, if they are injured on the job. It is not as if they can select any provider. That puts clients in a potentially vulnerable situation that they cannot get out of. Thankfully, the court of law understands that position. They know those injured on the job have very few options, and will typically favor them in the court. The connections of injury lawyers can go a long way in setting up a prompt and clear case that disrupts any kind of narrative an insurance company may try to tell.

The insured has a right to question what is happening with their workers’ compensation. They have a right to take action when the insurance firm is not providing a service they are obligated to. Rutzick Law Offices can speed things along, work out the kinks, and help deliver the desired result.

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