The Options Available In Eaton Rocker Switches

For most applications where on and off is all that is required, rocker switches are the ideal choice. The line of Eaton rocker switches offers a wide range of different models, designs, and even illumination options that can be used in everything from vehicles to medical equipment, computers, as well as electronics and heavy equipment.

The purpose of a rocker switch is to quickly and easily control power. They can be used in dashboards for turning on lights, and they can also be pre-designed with icons or text to make their operational use very clear. Many of the switches feature textured surfaces, thumb depressions and convex curve of the switch itself to make easy identification of the switch possible by touch, and to prevent the thumb from slipping off the switch when changing the position.


Depending on the use conditions, illumination or backlighting within Eaton rocker switches may be an important factor to consider. With this line of switches, the light source can be either incandescent or LED, allowing you to choose the option that is best for the specific application.
These illuminated types of switches are often found in vehicles and for commercial types of applications that will be used in all lighting conditions. Essential components controlled by Eaton rocker switches are often illuminated with colored switches to highlight the critical controls.


In some of the models and designs of Eaton rocker colored or non-colored switches, there is the added value of being able to be installed in North American devices as well as those in foreign markets. This is the 1600/2600 series, and this particular model features an additional moisture and water resistant seal, which means that these switches can be used outdoors and even in marine types of applications.

The company also makes Eaton rocker switches that are specifically designed for snap-in mounting in all types of vehicles. These switches are ideal for any type of off-road vehicle including ATVs, and they are rugged, durable and are also sealed to prevent moisture, dust or other substances from getting into the switch itself.

With all the features and options offered with Eaton rocker switches, it is no wonder these are so commonly used in retrofits, upgrades and in customized designs. With the splashguard feature and the sealed option, these are the go-to switches for food manufacturing plants, industrial applications as well as in chemical and waste treatment facilities.

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