Help for Veterans and the Homeless who Need SSDI Benefits

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Law

For many years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has been working to reduce poverty levels and to help homeless people receive the benefits they deserve. Recently, the agency has increased their efforts to reduce the number of homeless seniors and veterans.

The fact is, Social Security benefits play a huge role in reducing cases of homelessness and the benefits payment help individuals secure or maintain housing. If you have recently applied for benefits, and been denied, then hiring a Palos Heights SSDI lawyer can be beneficial. While the SSA is working hard to reduce these numbers, in some cases their efforts aren’t enough and legal action is necessary.

It’s a Collaborative Effort

In addition to the SSA working hard to help with benefits for homeless veterans, there are other local, state and federal agencies taking similar steps. If you have lost a loved one, are retiring, or even a disabled veterans, you can access these services to help you get the benefits you need. If you find the process challenging, or if you are denied, then the services of Palos Heights SSDI lawyer can also be beneficial.

Hiring an Attorney for Assistance

When it comes to securing SSDI or SSI benefits, you may need some legal assistance. Unfortunately, even with efforts to make the process simpler, there are still complex laws that have to be understood and dealt with. An attorney can help to make the process easier and help their client receive the benefits that they deserve.

If you believe that you deserve these benefits, but have been denied or don’t know how to get started, you should hire a Palos Heights SSDI lawyer. Doing so will help you secure the benefits you are entitled to.

To learn more about hiring an attorney to acquire the benefits you deserve, visit the Harold W. Conick & Associates LTD. website.

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