Transitioning Your Child to Daycare

Today’s daycare facilities offer amazing childcare, often along with additional enrichment and learning opportunities. Still, if your child is going to daycare for the first time, you should prepare for a transition period. Here are some things to expect and how to handle these effectively.

  1. Your child may cry when you leave. Separation anxiety is normal and will pass. Your child’s teacher will likely be prepared for it, having an interesting activity ready as soon as your child arrives to take his mind off you leaving. Don’t linger and drag out the drama. Say goodbye, give your child a kiss and remind him that you’ll be back soon. Then leave. If you’re upset; don’t let it show. The anxiety should only last a few days, as your child adjusts.
  2. Your child may not eat well. Don’t be alarmed if your child does not eat well for the first few days at daycare. The new environment is a big change. However, if the poor appetite lasts beyond a few days, talk with the daycare provider about how to make changes.
  3. Your child will be tired. Daycare often provides a child with more physical activity than they’ve had at home with you. In addition, your child may not nap as well as at home during the first few days of daycare. It’s not unusual for children to be tired and head to bed a bit earlier until they adjust to the new routine.

Once your child has made the adjustment, they almost certainly will love going to daycare and spending time with friends. The first weeks can be a bit difficult for both of you, but once you see your child learning and thriving, you’ll be certain that you made the right decision for daycare in Eagen, MN.

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