Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI Offering Weekend Hours Are Helpful to Many Hard-Working Residents

Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI that provide general medical as well as urgent care are greatly appreciated by area residents as well as tourists. Residents in or near Kihei who are struggling to make ends meet often cannot easily come to an appointment during regular business hours, so they are grateful when a clinic has Saturday hours.

A Contrast in Demographics

People who have never resided in Hawaii or spent a great deal of time traveling the islands are typically unfamiliar with the general demographic characteristics of this state. They think of it as a kind of paradise, with continuous warm weather and luxurious lodging establishments overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

There is truth in that, but other aspects of Hawaii also are characteristic for some of the population. A lesser-known fact about the island of Maui, for instance, is that nearly 12 percent of its residents live below the poverty line.

Hard-Working, Low-Income Residents

Many people who have low incomes actually are working hard; they simply are not paid very well. They may be working a full-time and a part-time job or another situation requiring more than 40 hours per week just to get by. Parents may need Health Care Clinics In Kihei HI with Saturday hours so they can have children’s medical issues evaluated on a weekend, or they risk losing essential hourly wages or even a job.

Income Issues

Statistics indicate that one in eight children in Maui reside in low-income homes categorized as below the poverty line. The cost of living in Hawaii is very high because of the tourism and the state’s location far from any mainland. There is great demand for workers in tourism-related occupations, but these employees might only be paid minimum wage, or even less if they receive tips that are expected to bring their wage up to standard.

All of these individuals may have health insurance through an employer or through one of the government-supported programs. This makes it easier for them and their families to receive medical care, as long as they have a clinic like Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care to rely on for weekend appointments. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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