The Benefits of Purchasing a Memory Foam Mattress

Buying a foam mattress in Lafayette might prove to be one of your greatest and most beneficial purchases ever! Foam mattresses are one of the most innovative forms of technology that have been strategically designed to revolutionize the way you sleep. Learn about what memory foam is and why it is so advantageous to your health and well-being.

Where it Started

Memory foam was developed for NASA back in the 60’s to get used on airplane seats. Nowadays, it gets used in everyday items ranging from pillows and mattresses to many other products. Since it has become more marketable and popular, it has decreased in price to make it more affordable to the everyday consumer.


Memory foam mattresses offer several differences from regular mattresses, thus making them considered the best mattress to buy to ensure a great night’s sleep. The primary benefit of the foam is that it conforms to your body. It does this by responding to heat and pressure and allows its surface to dispense your body weight during your sleep, equally. It then returns to its original form when you no longer weigh it down. Memory foam is also allergy friendly. What allergy friendly means is that it is approved for use for people who have allergies to other products. It is made up of polyurethane foam, which encompasses specific fibers that are proven to prevent allergy-causing problems, such as dust mites, from getting into the bed.

Memory Foam Provides Motion Transfer Resistance

You have probably seen those commercials where one person is jumping in bed, while the other is sleeping peacefully; that is the result of the foam’s ability to reduce disturbances. If you have a spouse who loves to move around in his/her sleep, then this mattress is the optimal option for you. You are no longer going to feel any of their movements. Get the best sleep with the least amount of interferences when you buy a foam mattress.

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