H & M to Fairly Purchase Mineral Rights

Welcome to H & M Land and Mineral. Our mission is to purchase mineral rights and the surrounding royalties to assist property owners in securing the best possible return through acquisition. If you’ve considered passing along your mineral rights in exchange for an excellent payout, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s true that some mineral owners will take in fantastic profits from the minerals they own. However, the reality is that such returns are not guaranteed, and are certainly not common. When you work with someone like H & M, who will purchase mineral rights for a great price, your investment is a sure thing. Why trust in the unpredictable ups and downs of the market when you could hand that risk management over to us?

Uncertainties of Owning Mineral Rights

As a sector of the oil and gas industry, mineral rights come with many uncertainties. Whether it’s changes within the industry itself, the value of property or questionable risk management, you have a number of factors that can play in to the success of your initial investment. If you’d rather have a big check in your hands for retirement, a college fund or anything else, let H & M deal with the uncertainties while you relax and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

For many of the mineral owners with whom we work, the speculative nature of the oil and gas market does not make the duties of risk management worth their while. When something is characterized as “boom and bust,” it tends to discourage most folks from staying involved. The expense, labor intensity and potential for loss simply isn’t attractive enough. That’s where we come in, to write you a fair, sizable check, and remove that demand and risk from your life. We make it simple to begin the process, and will always treat you, and your property, with the respect you deserve.

For Buyers

If you’re a buyer looking to purchase mineral rights, know that we have decades of experience behind us, and will always operate according to local and state laws and regulations. This is part of the beauty of being a local company that is deeply familiar with landowners and properties in which we deal.

Please feel free to contact us today using the contact form on our website. You may also reach us by phone, email or through our mailing address. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions in a timely and helpful manner.

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