Making A Statement With Interior Doors

When it comes to doors, the exterior door remains the major focus of the home. Yet, more attention should be paid to interior doors. Admittedly, they are not considered bastions of the household, but they serve a very definite role in defining the home. In fact, they can set the tone for each room when permitted to do so.

The Interior Doors of the Past
In Victorian times, interior doors were not neglected. They were often quite ornate. This is certainly true of the doors that lead into the parlor. It is also a valid comment on very specific doors. Frequently, French Doors were utilized to separate rooms such as the dining room entrance or the Piano room. Conservatory doors were also significant in their design.
Many interior doors from Victorian and other Middle class homes were characterized by two traits:

* They were solid wood
* They could be quite ornate

When a door was painted, it frequently indicated the use or purpose of that room.

The Modern Tradition for Interior Doors
If you visit most apartments and homes, the typical interior doors you will run across tend to be the least expensive. The standard is a hollow core door. They are lightweight possessing reinforced center. Only the exterior attached to the frame is actually wood. Hollow core doors provide privacy but little else. They are not exceptionally secure. They are also, unless adorned in some fashion, particularly elegant, stylish or unique. They are simply utilitarian and plain.
Yet, this does not have to be the case. Interior doors can be more decorative. They can make a statement without being astronomically expensive. All it takes is consideration of what options can make existing hollow core doors more attractive, or to replace them with solid doors that have been carved or in some way customized.

Making a Statement
Interior doors say much about the owner of the house. They establish what the Victorians would call a sensibility. This is recognized on a subconscious level. By taking a plain hollow door and replacing it with a solid wood one, you bring inside a little more warmth.
Consider such options as custom carving. Design a door to reflect your character or the nature of the room the interior door is to express. These can be ponderous such as those sometimes found in old mansions. They could reflect a specific period of time like Victorian or Art Deco.
Add glass or even stained glass to interior doors. They add a decorative touch. Be inventive. Remember, interior doors can provide your residence with an identity. They can clearly divide the different worlds of your residence. They can also open wide to draw guests in.

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