Hotel vs Furnished Apt for Rent in NYC

People headed into the Big Apple for longer vacations or business trips have traditionally stayed in an extended-stay hotel. However, utilizing a furnished apt for rent in NYC has become an increasingly popular alternative over the years. Here are some reasons why an apartment might be a better choice than a hotel for your next trip.


Furnished apts for rent in NYC often cost less overall than hotels. This is because there’s generally no corporate overhead and, depending on your selection, minimal staff. You’ll also save money because there are few, if any, people to tip unless you opt for a place with a doorman. Plus you’ll have a kitchen to cook in, which allows you to pay less for food.


An apartment will also feel more like home, too. A well-equipped apartment will have everything you need from linens to utensils and is a better choice if you might wish to entertain guests while in town. Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by people who live there year-round, which provides stability and a chance to see how locals live and behave.


There are more options available for spaciousness when you go with an apartment as well. Even with the most basic studio, you’re bound to get a little more room to spread out. You may also have additional rooms, proper dining areas and full living rooms, so you won’t feel closed-in during your visit. This is especially beneficial when traveling with a family or with kids.

Local People

You’ll also have more interactions with the local residents, so you can live more like a real New Yorker while you stay. Knowing the tourist areas is helpful, but for a true big city experience, you’ll want to know where the locals go for dining and entertainment. Friendly neighbors may also be available to give guidance on public transit or where to shop. Moreover, you’ll see how to properly hail a cab and learn other regional etiquette from people who perform those tasks daily.

If you’re considering a furnished apt for rent in NYC over a hotel for your next long visit, take time to explore the area you wish to stay ahead of time online. Verify you’ll have easy access to public transportation and how long it will take you to commute to your scheduled events. Be sure to check for local shops and dining opportunities as well. It’s also helpful to speak with your host to verify what amenities the building has, as well as what’s included in the unit and fees, plus any special items you may need to bring. Most often, it will have everything you’d expect from a hotel room, yet with the added comfort and privacy of a home.

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