Getting Help with a Landscape Renovation in Topeka, KS

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Lawn Care Services

After buying a home, there is the need to make some changes. Specifically, the grounds have not been maintained in some time. It will take a lot of effort to bring some sort of order to the chaos. This is where working with a professional to manage the Landscape Renovation in Topeka KS, comes into play. Here are some of the ways that the professional will help.

Coming Up with a Plan

Before any type of Landscape Renovation in Topeka KS, can occur, it pays to come up with a specific plan of action. Walking the expanse of the property with the contractor makes it possible to determine what elements can be salvaged and what needs to be removed. Contractors are always on the lookout for elements that may not be readily apparent to the new owner. The result is that the inspection may uncover some plants that would look great once some of the other elements are cleared away. In some cases, the elements that do remain may provide inspiration for the new look.

Cleaning Up

With a specific plan in place, the process of clearing off the rest of the landscape will commence. The landscaper will bring in a crew to take care of any overgrowth and also trim back any elements that will remain in place. If any of the plants is being kept, but relocated to a different area of the yard, that will also take place during this phase. When the cleaning up is done, the yards will be bare but all set for the remainder of the makeover. Click here to get more information.

Installing the Elements

With all the extras out of the way, the landscaper will begin the placement of all the new elements. This will include installing any retaining walls necessary, creating walkways, and bringing in the elements for flower beds, stands of trees, and anything else that is included in the plan. Day by day, the project will continue until the grounds are finished.

For any homeowner who wants to update the landscaping around a home, call the team at Greentouch Lawn Service today. It will not take long to come up with a plan, prepare the grounds, and make the vision a reality.

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