What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Silverdale Wa

Filing a divorce can be an extremely frustrating and emotional experience. Situations can arise that may require mediation to resolve disputes, disagreements and other complex issues. If there are children from the marriage, there may be child support and custody questions, paternity questions, and visitation agreements may need to be written. That is why it is essential to hire a skilled divorce attorney. A qualified divorce lawyer knows all laws pertaining to divorce. They can provide their clients an aggressive representation to protect their interests and rights. An experienced divorce attorney is understanding and supportive. The lawyer will treat each case with care and respect it deserves. Here are important details to know before hiring a committed Divorce Lawyer in Silverdale Wa.

The Three Complex Issues of a Divorce

Divorce is not as simple as going separate ways. When filing for a divorce, the couple must agree on these three issues:

 * Spousal support:

 * Spousal support may vary depending on circumstances. Generally, the spouse with a higher income will be required to support the lower earning spouse.

 * Division of marital property:

 * The divorcing couple must decide how to divide their marital properties and assets. This may include assets, vehicles and bank accounts. They must also share debts and other liabilities.

 * Child custody:

 * Child custody specifies which parent the children will live with and circumstances under which the other parent will visit them. There are four major types of child custody: joint custody, split custody, physical custody and legal custody.

The Three Critical Duties of a Qualified Divorce Lawyer

 * Case preparation and management: A

 * proficient divorce attorney will help their client to handle the paperwork and documentation in the filing process correctly.

 * Acting as a mediator

 * : If there is a communication breakdown between the divorcing couple, the lawyer can act as a mediator.

 * Representation in court

 * : If the case will be settled in court, the attorney will represent their client ardently.

Divorce is a painful legal process to go through. A proficient Divorce Lawyer in Silverdale Wa will work diligently to ensure the entire process flows smoothly.

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