Facing Deportation? Don’t Count On The System For Help

Many people are under the impression that in the event they are faced with removal from the US that all they have to do is tell a “sob” story and the judge will be lenient. Don’t count on this happening. Granted, the proceedings in an immigration court are not as formal as in a conventional court of law and as it is common knowledge that the individual facing deportation may not be fluent in English the language used in court is far less scripted. As is true in any court, the judge will listen to both sides; he will give as much credence to the immigrant’s argument as he does to the DHS lawyers.

It must be understood that the judge is not about to act as your lawyer. If you show up in court and you are not represented by deportation lawyers in Chicago, thinking all that is required is for you to make a plea to stay in the country, the judge has only one decision that can be made; you will be deported.

How can having a lawyer help?

The first thing deportation lawyers in Chicago will do is investigate the charge to see whether or not it is valid. The lawyer will be looking for any unique circumstances that can be used in your defense. There are possibilities buried within immigration law that you would have no reason to know about, the lawyer most certainly will:

   * The lawyer can argue that you were falsely charged and the situation does not match any grounds on the books that would warrant deportation.
   * Prove to the court that you are a citizen of the US based on family ties
   * Argue that you face persecution should you be deported to your home country and make application for asylum

There are numerous other defenses that deportation lawyers in Chicago can employ. Supported back background information and full knowledge of immigration law, the lawyer can make a very strong argument on your behalf.

Obviously facing deportation proceedings can ruin the life that you had planned for yourself in the US. You will have to hire the best deportation lawyers in Chicago to help you present your defense. You are welcome to discuss your situation with Din Law at website.

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