Finding Reputable Denver Professional Movers

So the time has come to relocate from the current home you have lived in for many years. Possible you have found a better job in a new city or state or maybe you decided to simply downsize from your status. No matter the reason, you now need to find a mover you can depend on to deliver a high quality relocation of your household items. Below are some guidelines you should consider to help ensure you find Denver professional movers that will do the job right.

If your move is within Colorado, check to make sure the Denver professional movers are properly licensed by the Department of Transportation, the Public Utilities Commission, or the Bureau of Consumer Affairs. You can verify this by calling the respective entities or by checking their websites online.

Relocations out-of-state require that the professional moving company maintain a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These licenses can also be verified by checking the agency’s website or contacting the agency directly.

Even though this is not a licensing requirement, check to see if the moving company is a member of the moving and storage association in Colorado. This type of association helps verify the company’s dedication to their business.

Even though the Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not providing ratings for professional moving companies, it does provide a rating for how the company deals with customer complaints. Even the best movers will have complaints issued against them during a span of many years of service. However, how they respond to those complaints can be checked through the BBB and can tell a lot about their reliability and dedication to customer service.

Workers’ Comp Insurance
Reliable Denver professional movers will have workers’ comp insurance. You can ask to see the actual documents that prove they carry this insurance. This insurance eliminates the possibility of you being liable for anyone who gets injured while working on your property. It may add some cost to the relocation but it provides protection in the case of a worker injury.

You may need to verify some items in advance of hiring Denver professional movers, but it will be worth the time to do so in order to help ensure you receive the best relocation service possible.

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