Debt Relief is Available by Bankruptcy in Corona

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Through no fault of their own many people are left with a mountain of debt obligations. The Great Recession caused many people to miss payments, and when they finally got back to work their pay was 20 percent less. Many did not know which debt to tackle first. The result is they have been attacked by collection agencies and attorneys who represent the creditor. This also places a lot of stress on the families, it disrupts marriages, and often causes a foreclosure on their home. It seems that there are not enough mental health counselors to assist everyone who needs help.

However, mental health counseling may not be the answer because it will not get the monkey off the backs of debtors. A Debt Relief Attorney in Corona will handle all of your creditors and they are obligated by law to deal with your attorney. No more late night phone calls. This attorney is able to obtain debt relief so that you can breathe again. In many ways a debt relief attorney is a like a peace maker because the creditors know they cannot threaten the attorney. The playing field is suddenly level.

An option that will help you today and long-term is filing for Bankruptcy in Corona. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure to protect you, and many giant corporations have used bankruptcy for protection from creditors. So, now that we have established that there should not be any stigma to filing for bankruptcy, why not consult a Debt Relief Attorney in Corona. You will need to take a list of all of your debts and assets to your first meeting with the attorney so they can analyze the type of bankruptcy that you would file for.

Filing for bankruptcy will mean that you can keep most of your assets. If you have an antique car collection, for example, then you may have to dispose of it. Otherwise you are allowed to keep most assets, but you cannot use bankruptcy as a veil of protection for high-value assets. The best way to view the process is to recognize that you will obtain relief, but you may have to sacrifice a bit. For more information, visit Winterbotham Parham Teeple, a PC

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