5 Things to Know about Intellectual Property

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Law

If your launching a new product or service out in the market, it’s only right that you take steps to ensure your intellectual property is protected before you introduce your brilliant idea to society. Here’s what you need to know:

Intellectual property law: what is it?

It’s the law that protects inventions, product designs along with brand names, creative works and more. If you’ve got a unique business idea or invention, you can use the intellectual property law to file a lawsuit against anyone who wants to use your ideas without properly compensating you.

How it helps your business

With the copyright law, you can protect your product designs and any other confidential you have. That way, no one else would use your designs which helps your brand stand out from the rest. If consumers like your designs and they won’t be able to find it anywhere else, then they’ll come knocking on your door in droves.

How to use trademarks

Trademarks are often a logo or name associated with your service or product. For instance, whenever you see the golden arches or the apple logo, you know immediately which company it is and what products they offer. That’s the kind of brand awareness associated with trademarks. So if you see anyone who’s got a trademark that’s too similar to your own, you might want to consult a lawyer to help you.

How to protect your invention

If you’ve got a supremely valuable invention or idea, you’ll need to apply a patent in order to protect it, says HowStuffWorks. If you want to make sure you get it done right, though, hire a patent attorney to help you out.

Getting Help

Look around for an intellectual property attorney in Chicago. Whether it’s about filing a patent for an invention or getting rid of other companies that copy your trademark, your attorney will provide you with the legal assistance you need to sort things out. Visit or call Jayaram Law Group for more information.

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