Steps in Acquiring a Waterproof Basement in Wakefield, MA

Basements are notorious for water intrusion. Without protection, the concrete will absorb water. All of this water results in a damp basement. In addition, any building materials used will be subjected to the growth of mold. Because water is such an issue, waterproofing is the first step of any renovation project. These are some of the steps that are taken to help ensure the basement is ready for a new look.

For a completely Waterproof Basement in Wakefield MA, the first step is to dig a trench around the home’s foundation. This will expose all of the outer walls of the basement. Since this does require extensive digging, make sure all plants are removed first. Patios will also have to be removed if they prevent access to the foundation area. Digging can be done by hand or heavy machinery depending on the home’s location in relation to neighbors and the overall yard conditions.

Once the trench is dug, a waterproofing wrap is placed around the foundation. The wrap is overlapped at the seams and then secured tightly to the wall. While holes will be cut out if there are windows, it will be sealed around those openings to protect against any water intrusion. Sealing will also occur around any piping runs that go through the basement area. This is the main barrier that will stop the water in the soil from getting into the concrete.

After this waterproof wrap is secured to the basement walls, a French drain might also be installed. The drain is another way to help divert the water away from the concrete foundation. The dirt is replaced and packed back down so that the landscaping can be put back into place. Once this step occurs, the Waterproof Basement in Wakefield MA is achieved and work on renovations can begin.

Waterproofing a basement is always the first step. Without a proper waterproof seal, water and mold problems will continue to cause damage. These fixes will wind up adding significantly to the price of owning the home, but are essential.

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