Winter Is Stilling Lingering And It’s Important To Have The Heating Repair In Colorado Springs You Need

It doesn’t look as though winter weather is leaving anytime soon. If you’ve spent all winter covered with extra blankets to stay warm, it’s time to call Heating Repair in Colorado Springs. Before anyone knows it, summer will quickly pass, and the cold winds of winter will return. Staying warm throughout the winter months is important. Every year a furnace should have a maintenance checkup to eliminate breakdowns during the winter months. Regular replacement of the furnace filter and keeping the area around the furnace free of debris can help it to operate more efficiently. Maintenance by a trained technician will help a homeowner to rest easy during the winter months that their family will be warm and comfortable.

When an HVAC unit isn’t working properly, there are a few things a homeowner can check to save money before calling a company for Heating Repair in Colorado Springs. These are:

* Check the furnace filter. If you haven’t replaced it recently, now is a good time. Filters should generally be replaced every 30-90 days depending on the usage. Failure to replace a filter could result in the unit shutting off.

* Verify the thermostat is working properly. If a thermostat is not calibrated properly or a battery in a digital thermostat has worn out, a furnace or air conditioning unit will not work.

* If a homeowner has recently been near the furnace, the door may have been knocked out of place. On most furnaces there is a safety switch, and without proper connection, an HVAC unit will not work until the door is in its proper position.

* Is the furnace switch on? Most furnaces are equipped with a switch that looks like a light switch to turn the unit on and off. If this switch is in the off position, a furnace will not operate.

Checking these few items could save a service call to an HVAC company. Parkey’s Heating & Air Conditioning have been serving the area with quality HVAC repair and installation. Their technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and offer solutions that are affordable to many homeowners. For more information, please feel free to Visit Website.

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