Your Garage Flooring May Be in Need of an Upgrade

Are you tired of how boring and ugly your garage flooring has become over the years? Cement floors were once all the rage due to cement’s durability. This is no longer true, however, as cement has proved over time to suddenly erupt with spider cracks and collect debris and dust. These buildups cause your floors to look dirty and stained, and clean-up is a frustrating task that most home owners put off as long as possible. In order to reduce the irritations and long-term costs cement represents, getting a new garage flooring epoxy put in is the best choice available. Epoxy floor coating is cost effective and beautiful, and the chips and cracks associated with your cement floors are a thing of the past.

How Your Garage Floor is Prepared for the Upgrade

In order to upgrade your garage flooring, preparation is critical in order to ensure the maximum adhesion of the epoxy. Your floor is first ground with a diamond floor grinder attached to a vacuum. This is in order to reduce dust and debris during the process. Any unwanted stains or old, weakened coatings are removed during this preparation in order to create a floor that is both clean and porous. Epoxy will stick to the floors correctly when a floor is made ready properly, and the better the epoxy binds to your floors the longer lasting and more durable it becomes. It is important to understand that this process can take several hours to complete, and thus the smart renovator clears the necessary amount of time from their schedule.

Next, the epoxy resin is mixed on site to the specifications of your individual garage’s needs in order to maximize durability and adhesion. Only the highest quality, industrial grade epoxy should be used in the upgrading of your home. Cans bought from the local home improvement store will be of lower quality and less likely to last as long. In addition, epoxy paints are latex acrylic paints and not epoxy resin. These will also not last as long or be as durable. It is always best to hire trained garage flooring experts.

Do not let your Home Suffer a day Longer

Epoxy garage flooring is available right now in a number of finishes in order to best suit your needs as a home owner. A wide range of solid colors, hues, and finishes that mimic granite and quartz are available at the click of your mouse. No home should be left to suffer the ugly effects of cement flooring, and the value of your home will be instantly increased with this upgrade. Go online right now and begin researching for your beautiful home!

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