Why Your Customers Will Benefit From A Waterproof Touch Screen Monitor Installed In Your Store

Every business owner wans their customers to feel happy with their experience when interacting with that particular brand. While this is next to impossible to guarantee on a wide-scale, there are certain steps that companies can do to increase the enjoyment customers experience when shopping at their stores or eating at their restaurants. By catering to the wants of your customers, and fulfilling their emotional needs, you can foster a brand loyalty that will benefit both you and the customer throughout your relationship. Here are just a few reasons why your customers will benefit from a waterproof touch screen monitor installed in your store or restaurant.

Feel Empowered To Give Their Opinions

By installing a waterproof touch screen display throughout your retail location or restaurant you can encourage your customers to complete short feedback surveys. This makes them feel empowered and can give you valuable information about their experiences while interacting with your brand. While most companies offer surveys and include links at the bottom of receipts, studies show that the vast majority of customers never actually follow through with completion. This makes in-house survey stands incredibly useful. If the material is attractive enough, it will compel your consumers to take the survey and to provide useful information o you without asking them to complete an additional chore when they get home.

Pay At The Table For Convenience

This can be an incredibly useful and time saving tool to have in restaurants, especially those with sit-down dining. Customers can opt to pay their bill at the table, using flash payment technology, making it convenient for them and saves your wait-staff time as well. Even if the food and service were perfect, customers tend to give poor reviews to restaurants that keep them waiting for the bill or to make their payment. By offering this type of service right at their booth you can cut down on their wait time, making them happier with the experience overall.

Handheld Trivia Can Boost Pub Experience

Many pubs and bars thrive off of sporting events, boasting huge crowds during these times. This can leave them with an empty venue during the off-season, or on nights where the games simply aren’t being played. To fill up the pub, and to offer those loyal customers who do show up something fun to do, waterproof displays can be set up at a number of tables and can offer trivia games, engaging your consumers and making our pub the place to be, even if the game doesn’t happen to be on.

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