Natural Remedies to Kill Scabies

by | Jul 22, 2016 | health care

If your kids came home with itchy red bumps, that might not be a simple mosquito bite at all. Intense itch and rashes in children are often caused by scabies. So don’t dismiss the symptoms.


Scabies is an itchy skin infestation. It can lead to enflamed spots and blisters filled with pus and can be quite painful. If you don’t want to see your kids suffering from a painful skin infestation, you’ll need to make sure they get treatment right away. Don’t wait until the condition gets worse. Left untreated, scabies symptoms can continue to manifest for years.


One way to get dry out the blisters and allow them to flake away is to use natural remedies in the form of soap, creams and bathing solutions. These treatments can ease your symptoms, kill scabies and get rid of the mites in a way that doesn’t use harmful chemicals to your skin. This way, you can treat your children’s skin condition without causing any long-term damage to their skin.


Skin to skin contact is the primary mode of transmission. So make sure to wash the clothes, bedding and towels, among others, that your kids have used during the last few days or weeks. That’s because symptoms can take weeks to appear in first-time cases of scabies. Vacuum the house, couch or carpets as well to eliminate the mites, says The Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention or the CDC. Swimming in public pools, though, or pets, aren’t a likely cause of scabies so no worries on that score. Your children’s puppies or swimming lessons didn’t bring this condition on.

So if your children have scabies, then make sure to use natural treatments to ease the symptoms. This will also help keep scarring to a minimum, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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