Landscape Design: The Water Feature

Landscape design is a combination or the functional and the aesthetic. It combines art and science to create the right vision for your front, back or side garden. For it to be a success in such cities as Minneapolis, landscaping also needs to recognize personal preference as well as the environment. However, in most cities, one of the more desirable and positive features of most garden designs is a water feature.

Why a Water Feature?

Water features are an excellent element for almost any garden for any of several reasons. When installed and maintained correctly, they can turn your garden into a showpiece. A water feature easily becomes a focal point where family, visitors and guests gather. Water features also:

 * Attract Wild Life: Birds, frogs and various insects are more likely to visit your garden if it has a water pool, water fall or similar item
 * Cools the Temperature: By having water present, your garden becomes cooler and more inviting
 * Calming: Bubbling and splashing water has a soothing effect on those who hear it

Overall, a water feature is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your environment.

Water Feature Landscape Design: Factors to Consider

In landscape design, faults are possible. Adding a water feature to your residence or business in Minneapolis can go horribly wrong if you do not stop and consider what it is you specifically want and need and what the environment can handle. You need to look at such things as:

 * Size: What size water feature do you want? Are you thinking of a small pool or a larger pond? Maybe, it is only a fountain you require to achieve the results you want
 * Type: Do you have a type of water feature in mind? Are you considering installing a pond, a pool or a fountain?
 * Location: Do you know where to place it? It is very important to have the right location in order to have the maximum effect.
 * Maintenance: Is the model or style you are considering high or low maintenance? What is the extent of maintenance it requires? Will you need to hire a professional to take care of it?
 * Suitability: The water feature has to look like it belongs and was not simply plunked into the garden willy-nilly. It must look as natural as possible in the environment.
 * Accessories: A water feature does not stand-alone. It requires additional material to make it look and perform its very best. You need to make sure the water blends in where it meets the landscape. You have to decide whether to add fish and what plants will look best beside and in the water.

It takes time and effort to understand what goes into a great water feature. Be sure you know what you want, and then talk to a company who can provide you with a landscape design that includes a water feature that meets all your requirements.

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